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Keyboards, 101-key US-layout, made by KEY TRONIC

I have a couple of Key Tronic 101-key US-layout keyboards. No Windows keys, the real thing. 100% old school, a perfect coder's keyboard.

One goes for EUR 20 plus DHL-shipping from Germany

The keyboards are in their original box, never used, manufactured 1990, labeled TRI
In layout and shape, they match the IBM model-M. The key mechanism is not buckling-spring but the soft type (not noisy). They are durable and very comfy to type.
Keys are removable - unlike model-M, where not keys but key caps can be removed.
The cable is fixed to the keyboard. On the circuit board, you will find the 8031 processor.

The keyboards are compatible with most current PCs while with a few mainboards, I had to increase the keyboard's reset capacitor to make it work reliably.
The keyboards are fitted with DIN connectors and I'm adding a DIN-PS2-adapter, these are not new but used.
With active USB interface cables, the keyboards work correctly on USB while in some cases they needed the increased reset capacitor. I do have a couple of the USB-interfaces and will add one for EUR 5.

I test every keyboard and its adapters before I send it out.
If you want me to, I will open the keyboard and increase the capacitance of the reset capacitor. I can also let you know how to do it yourself.


Top view:

Key detail:

Bottom labels:

If you like one of these keyboards, e-mail me at

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